Today’s Deals: Xbox Series S, Galaxy Headphones, and More


If you’re in the market for the best tech from around the web, today is your lucky day. Each week, we bring you the biggest discounts on the coolest gadgets, and today we’ve got everything from brand-new game consoles to discounted smartphones. Let’s jump right in so you can get to saving right away!

Xbox Series S

The best deal in gaming just got better. The Xbox Series S was already one of the lowest-cost ways to get into the next generation of game consoles, and now it’s $20 at Newegg. Just use the promo code RKTBWAZ35 at checkout to get your Xbox Series S for only $280 and start playing all the games you could want with Xbox Game Pass.

The Series S isn’t quite as powerful as its Series X counterpart, but it’s still a solid system that can put out smooth framerates and impressive graphics. If you get Xbox Game Pass, you can play a massive library of games on a budget. This is the most financially efficient way to play the widest range of games, so don’t sleep on this deal. Hurry and grab it while Newegg still has systems in stock!

Galaxy Z Fold4

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, now is the time to upgrade. The biggest smartphone manufacturers are unveiling their new handsets right now, and you can get $150 in store credit from Samsung if you preorder the Galaxy Z Fold4 during the company’s Discover Samsung event week. That credit can go toward other accessories for your phone – or even other Samsung devices, like the excellent Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is a new folding phone that features the revolutionary foldable display that Samsung is famous for. If you’ve ever wanted a tablet that can fold into a phone, this is the device for you.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

If you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones, why not try out the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live? These excellent in-ear headphones are wireless and feature fantastic sound quality, long battery life, and active noise cancelation. They’re perfect for long commutes on public transportation, noisy rooms, or just days when you need to tune everything out and focus.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live on sale from Amazon today for just $90. That’s a huge discount for these excellent earbuds, so hurry and grab them before this deal ends!