Today’s Deals: USB Microphone, Bookshelf Speakers, and More


There’s something very exciting about saving money on top-quality new gadgets and technology. When you’re looking for new gadgets, you might worry about spending too much or getting a bad deal. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with the best deals from around the web. Today, we’re bringing you discounts on everything from USB microphones to bookshelf speakers. Let’s dive right into these savings! 

USB Microphone

If you find yourself spending a lot of time in digital meetings or talking to friends on the internet, you might be frustrated with your laptop’s built-in microphone. Your friends or coworkers might say you’re hard to understand, and that you need to upgrade to a better microphone. If that sounds familiar, you need to grab this JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone from Amazon today.

The JLab Talk Pro USB Microphone is on sale right now for just $120, $29 off its MSRP. That’s the best deal we’ve seen yet on this high-quality, professional-grade microphone. You could get started recording a podcast with a microphone this good! Just plug it in and get ready to wow your friends online with your crisp voice quality.

Bookshelf Speakers

Having a great microphone is nice and all, but why would you skimp out on speakers, too? If you’re ready to upgrade your home computer setup, you can opt for this great pair of speakers from Klipsch. Amazon has a pair of Klipsch Reference Bookshelf Speakers marked down to just $159 today, a full $120 off their $279 MSRP. 

These high-quality speakers offer great playback of everything from music to movies, and they look great to boot. They’re classic-styled, analog, wood-paneled speakers that would look right at home on any shelf in your office. It’s time to stop blasting your music off your tiny phone speaker and start playing things loud!

LED Corner Floor Lamp

Sometimes you don’t want a full-on overhead light illuminating your room. If you’re looking for a good, minimalistic floor lamp to light up your office, you’re in luck. Today, you can grab a Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp from StackSocial for just $60. This stylish lighting appliance uses a unique design to illuminate your room without sending harsh white light everywhere.

You can customize the lamp’s hue and vibrancy, so you’re able to fine-tune it to fit your room’s aesthetics. This is about as high-tech as a floor lamp can get, so when you buy it you know you’ll feel like you’re living in the future.