Today’s Deals: Switch Controllers, 4K TVs, and More


If you’re in the market for the best deals on the coolest gadgets from around the web, we’ve got you covered. Every week, we’re bringing you nothing but the best discounts and helping you gear up in style. And this week, we’ve got everything from new Nintendo Switch controllers to stunning 4K TVs to make the most of your new game consoles. Let’s jump into these deals right away.

Hori Split Pad

The Nintendo Switch comes packed with a pair of Joy-Con controllers that are perfect for taking on the go. However, they’re not the most ergonomic controllers in the world. If you’re looking for an upgrade for your handheld Switch needs, you should check out the Hori Split Pad. This pair of Joy-Con-style controllers sports a more comfortable design that mimics a normal gamepad.

These full-sized controller halves aren’t the most portable things ever designed, but they will help alleviate any hand cramps and keep your games fresh and appealing on long commutes and plane rides. The Split Pad even features a proper D-Pad for all those 2D platformers you love! You can get the Split Pad over at Amazon right now for just $43, a $7 discount from their usual retail price.

Amazon Fire TV 50″ Omni Series 4K

When you settle onto the couch to watch your favorite shows and movies, the last thing you want to do is spend extra time scrolling through menus and looking for the show you want to see. Instead, you should just use Alexa and voice commands to get your show rolling as soon as you sit down! 

That’s not some sci-fi futuristic fantasy, either, it’s something you can actually do with the  Amazon Fire TV 50″ Omni Series 4K. You can pick up this awesome 4K panel on sale from Amazon today for just $400, a 22% discount from its retail price. This great-looking 50-inch screen is perfect for your living room – and more affordable now than ever before.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller and Watch Dogs: Legion

If you’re in the market for a new Xbox controller, you’re in luck. Right now, you can pick up the excellent Elite Series 2 Core Controller and get a copy of Watch Dogs: Legion for just $130 from eBay. This top-notch controller is perfect for serious gamers, and Watch Dogs: Legion will give you a great way to put it through its paces. Hurry to grab this deal while it lasts!