Today’s Deals: Smart Watch, Wireless Earbuds, and More


Are you ready to save money on the best gadgets from around the web? If so, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re bringing you discounts on everything from brand-new smartwatches to top-notch wireless earbuds! This is the best way to upgrade your personal gadgets without breaking the bank. Let’s dive right into these savings!

Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch

Are you sick of constantly getting your phone out of your pocket to check on notifications, just to find they’re not urgent? Or maybe you just want a way to bring your music with you on a run without carrying your phone around.

Either way, it sounds like you need a smartwatch. These handy devices stay strapped to your wrist and show you your notifications, track your exercise, and can even store a selection of your songs.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that won’t put a dent in your wallet this paycheck, check out the Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch. It’s on sale for just $50 on Amazon right now and offers sixty different sports modes to choose from. It’s perfect for athletes, as it can help track your heart rate and other vitals!

Edifier 330NB Wireless Earbuds

Speaking of taking your music on the go, have you tried wireless earbuds yet? They’re ideal for active people who don’t want wires tangling up in their pockets, getting caught on things, or just looking tacky. If you’re in the market for wireless earbuds but don’t want to spend over $150 on a pair of AirPods, you’re not out of luck.

You can grab a pair of Edifier 330NB Wireless Earbuds from Amazon today for just $26! That’s a steal for these excellent earbuds, which offer noise-canceling and fast-charging functionalities that rival anything from Apple or Samsung. You just get to save $125 compared to the competition!

Anker BoostIQ Robovac 11S 

Nobody wants to vacuum their house when a robot could do it for them. That’s why you should grab an Anker BoostIQ Robovac 11S from Amazon today for only $150! These handy home robots can map out your house and vacuum along the most efficient path. It can last 100 minutes on one charge, allowing it to clean up a large home before returning to its charging station.

If only robots could do all our chores for us. We’ll be the first in line to get the robots that wash the dishes and take out the trash!