Today’s Deals: Samsung Galaxy Phones, High-Tech Chargers, and More


Saving money isn’t easy, especially when you like the finer things in life. However, if you’re looking to pick up a new phone, a high-tech charger, or other great gadgets, we’ve got deals. FInd out how you can save a few bucks while you’re indulging with a new splurge purchase. Lets’s dive right into these great savings! 

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung makes some of the best handsets money can buy. If you’re looking for a great deal on a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone, you’re in luck. Today, you can get a brand-new Galaxy S22 from Amazon for the low price of just $750! That’s $100 off the MSRP of $850, making this the best deal on the S22 we’ve seen so far. 

The S22 has a blisteringly-fast processor, gorgeous cameras, and 256GB of internal storage. It’s also refreshingly pocket-sized, unlike many flagship phones, and fits neatly in the hand. If you’re looking for a sensible upgrade that won’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with Samsung’s S22 Galaxy. It’s one of the best smartphones on the market, and you can’t beat this deal price!

Anker USB-C GaNPrime Charger

If you feel like you never have enough chargers or charging bricks, you’re not alone. That’s a common issue in this day and age, with your gadgets ranging from your smartphone to your wireless earbuds all needing a charge. If you’re sick of carrying around three different charging bricks, you need an Anker USB-C GaNPrime Charger.

This handy wall charger sports two USB-C ports and a USB-A port, making it perfect for charging up all your devices from a single wall outlet. You can get it on sale from Amazon today if you use the promo code KINJA148, so hurry and grab it while the deal’s still going on!

Logitech C922x Webcam

Work has changed for a lot of people over the past two years. If you’re finding yourself in digital meetings and video calling with your coworkers more often than you’d expect, you need a good digital camera to capture your face. That’s where the Logitech C922x Webcam comes in! It’s a gorgeous, 1080p webcam that can send high-quality video images to your friends and coworkers, making the distance between you feel smaller.

If you’re in the market for a new webcam, this deal will make you smile. The  Logitech C922x is marked down to just $70 on Amazon’s site right now. That’s $30 off its retail price, making this one of the best deals we’ve seen on it yet!