Today’s Deals: MacBook, Samsung Galaxy Fold, and More


Apple and Samsung aren’t really known for their deals. But, today, you can get some of their newest gadgets on sale! Let’s take a look.

MacBook Air

The newest MacBook Air, complete with the M1 chip, is one of the most reliable and stylish laptops on the market. Apple knows what makes a laptop a useful piece of technology while also functioning as an excellent fashion statement, and the price tag on their products reflects that. The newest MacBook sports a great battery life, a gorgeous Retina display, and a beefy processor that can handle productivity tasks.

If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks on the newest MacBook, you’re in luck.

Amazon has the base model M1 MacBook Air discounted by $100 right now, bringing it down to $899. That’s just for the 256GB model, though. If you want the 512GB model, you’re still in luck: it’s marked down $150 on Amazon. That brings it to just $1,100, a great deal on a brand-new Apple laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Smartphone prices have been on the rise for years. The priciest among them these days is the Samsung Galaxy Fold series, an experimental new pattern of smartphones with a unique foldable display. The interior display makes Samsung Fold phones essentially a hybrid between a cell phone and a tablet.

If you’re interested in one of these cutting-edge phones, you can get the Galaxy Z Fold 2 right now on sale for just $1,700. While that’s a tall order for a smartphone, it’s a great deal for the Fold: that’s a full $300 off. And, yes, $2,000 for a smartphone is a truly bizarre price point, but reviews of the device point to its truly revolutionary design as something resembling a justification for that eye-watering MSRP.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

While it only just released last week, Mario Golf: Super Rush is already on sale over at Best Buy. The brand-new game also includes a golf bag tag if you buy it from Best Buy, making it a great option for fans of both Mario and golf. You know, the kinds of people likely to buy a Mario Golf video game.

The game is an excellent little golf simulator for friends to play together. While the small number of courses and short adventure mode is somewhat disappointing for solo players, those looking to tee off against their friends will find hours of fun in this wacky title.