Today’s Deals: Chromebook, Apple Watch, and More


Finding the best deals on tech is easy when you know where to look. And, as luck would have it, this is precisely where to look! Let’s get you to today’s best deals.


Google’s Chromebook is a favorite budget option for students and professionals alike when it comes to laptops. Sporting excellent performance for the price, Chromebook computers are made with productivity in mind. While they won’t play video games or handle photo editing or creative work, they’re perfect for researching term papers, browsing the web, and writing essays.

Right now, you can get a deal on this already-budget Chromebook over at Walmart: they’ve got an 11-inch Acer Chromebook marked down to just $129. That’s an impressive price point for a laptop of any variety and makes this a downright perfect choice for someone who needs a computer for school or work and doesn’t need a lot of power.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch is a tremendous all-around smart device for anyone looking to outfit themselves with an extensive suite of technology. Sporting everything from an EKG sensor to robust fitness tracking apps, the Apple Watch is your best friend if you’re looking to stay in shape. And, like all Apple devices, it’s a straightforward piece of technology that works well without much need for setup or calibration.

If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch, you can pick up the Apple Watch SE now from Amazon for just $290 for the 40mm model with LTE. The added LTE is a massive help for fitness-minded users, as it allows them to use their watch to stream music or take calls even when their phone is at home. This is perfect for people who don’t want to bring their phone with them on a run or a bike ride!

Insignia Smart TV

Smart TVs are all the rage right now. Most media content is consumed via the internet now, anyway, instead of through cable or physical media players. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing dumb TV to a smart TV, then you’re in luck: this insignia 39-inch LED screen is on sale for just $190 at Amazon.

That’s a fantastic deal on this medium-sized flatscreen. The 39-inch footprint means that the screen is small enough to look good in a bedroom but big enough to be a good centerpiece in most living rooms. And, after all, you can’t beat that price. Flatscreens under $200 are a rare find!