Today’s Deals: Air Purifier, Electric Mop, and More


If you’re looking for the biggest and best deals out there, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re looking at some of the steepest savings from around the net on everything from new air purifiers to electric mops and more. Let’s take a look!

Dyson HP01 Pure Hot + Cool Desk Purifier

This purifier is great, because it fits right on a desk or side table and helps to make the air clean and climate-controlled at the same time. The sleek, bladeless design is great for those who want something that won’t cause damage if cats knock it over or kids stick their hands in it.

This device is capable of either heating or cooling while it purifies the air. That makes it great for hot months and cold winters alike, making this an all-around great household item. You can scoop up this sleek and high-tech device from Newegg right now for just $180, a $50 discount. Make sure you move fast before this deal is gone, though.

Elicto Electronic Cordless Spin Mop

Our next deal is also on a great household item: the Elicto cordless spin mop. This is a perfect item for people with hardwood floors or tile that they’d like to mop without breaking out the bucket and cleaning solution. This cordless mop is perfect for small spaces where you want to just quickly push your mop over the problem spots and get it looking sparkling and clean.

If you’re the kind of person who just wants simple technology to solve tough cleaning problems, this device is perfect for you. You can grab this great cordless mop on sale right now from Stack Social for just $120, a full twenty percent off the MSRP, as long as you enter the code ELICTO20P at checkout.

U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock

Our next deal is perfect for those who are away from home a lot but still want to know that their home is safe. The U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock is a perfect companion for any smart home setup, allowing you to control your home’s lock from your phone.

This allows for some great uses: if your friend tries to come by to feed your animals while you’re away but forgot their key, you can just let them in from your phone. Likewise, if you’re laying in bed and worried that the door might be unlocked, you can double-check from your phone to make sure! This great item is on sale at Newegg right now for just $179.