Today’s Best Gaming Deals: Breath of the Wild, Street Fighter, and More


Playing video games is a fun pastime, but it can be a real drain on the old wallet. If you’re looking to play the best games on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at today’s best gaming deals!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Easily the best reason to own a Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild is a one-of-a-kind game. Never mind the fact that it spawned an entire genre by itself. Titles like Genshin Impact and Immortals: Fenyx Rising are part of a new subcategory of open-world adventure games, inspired directly by Breath of the Wild’s breathtaking exploration.

The title may have released four years ago, but it’s rarely seen on sale. Nintendo’s first-party titles tend to keep their sticker price throughout the life cycle of the console they released for. Today, you can get a physical copy of Breath of the Wild from Amazon for just $40, the lowest price we’ve yet seen on the title. If you’ve somehow avoided playing this title yet, now is the time to jump in and experience the generation-defining game.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

There’s something uniquely satisfying about mastering a complex fighting game. Street Fighter, easily the most well-known franchise in the world of 2D fighters, is back on the Switch with a huge collection. The 30th Anniversary collection boasts 12 titles from the franchise’s early history, including most versions of the acclaimed Street Fighter II.

If you’re looking for hours of extremely satisfying multiplayer fighting-game goodness, look no further. The collection is on sale at Amazon today for $29 for the Switch version, an absolute steal for 12 full titles.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Awesome samurai simulator Sekiro is on sale for $30 on Microsoft’s store. That brings the brutally difficult action game down to half price! If you haven’t tried it yet, Sekiro is from the same studio that created Dark Souls. And, just like Dark Souls, this is one challenging title that will test your reflexes and your resolve.

The tight, fast-paced swordplay of Sekiro is a far cry from the more methodical encounters of Dark Souls, though. Fights can end in an instant as you engage in white-knuckle duels with master swordsmen. This title is a must-have for fans of samurai, mystery, and magic. The Game of the Year Edition also includes a new boss challenge mode, as well as unlockable outfits for the player character!