Today’s Best Deal: Robot Vacuums, Wireless Headphones, and More


If you’re looking for the coolest gadgets at the lowest prices from all over the web, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re bringing you discounts on everything from handy new high-end robotic vacuums to great-sounding wireless headphones. Let’s dive right in and get to the savings so you can grab these great deals before they’re gone!

Eufy Robot Vacuum 

When you get right down to it, most people don’t want to have to do chores. Doing the dishes, cleaning laundry, and cooking are all pretty boring. If you could get a robot to do that stuff for you, you would. Here’s some cool news: you can get a robot to vacuum for you. In fact, it doesn’t even cost that much money.

You can get a Eufy brand robotic vacuum from Amazon today for just $250. This handy robot buddy will automatically zoom around your house and suck up any dirt or dust you don’t want to hang around. It’s even got a charging station and can empty the dust out of itself–just remember to clean out the central drop-off every now and then and you’ll be golden!

Beats by Dre Headphones

If you’re an audiophile who needs your music wherever you go, you know how important it is to get a good pair of headphones. Luckily for you, there are some awesome headphones out there that offer noise-canceling technology and high-end sound quality. One such brand is Beats by Dre, which is renowned for its audio quality–and even shares internal components with its sibling brand, Apple’s AirPods. 

You can get a pair of over-ear Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones from Amazon today for just $125. That’s a huge discount on these headphones that usually retail for $200, so hurry to grab this deal before it’s gone.

Crua 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor

If you’re in the market for a gaming monitor, you’re in luck. You can get a massive 27-inch curved gaming monitor from Crua today through Amazon for just $145. This gorgeous ultra-wide screen display is capable of putting out full HD images and features a sleek curve that makes it easy on the eyes–literally.

The curved display makes it so every pixel of the screen is at an equal distance from the viewers’ eyes. That might not sound like much on paper, but it makes a world of difference in practice. Grab this high-end monitor from Amazon and check it out for yourself!