The Best Wireless Earbuds Available in 2020: Which Are Right for You?


Whether you’re taking a jog, riding in the bus or just looking to jam out, wireless earbuds are where it’s at. No wires to get tangled in your bag or on your jacket means more freedom of movement. If you’ve ever had a headphone wire snag on a passerby while jogging, you know how not fun that experience can be. But, which wireless earbuds are the best?

There are so many options out there for wireless earbuds, and many of them are quite pricey. So, which ones should you be spending your hard-earned money on? Here are some of our top picks.

Apple AirPods Pro

The newest iteration of Apple’s bar-setting AirPods are excellent. With a nice, form-fitting earcup on the outside, these AirPods have a better fit than any of their predecessors. Audio is clean and high-quality, as one might expect from an Apple product. The earbuds are powered by a cutting-edge chip that helps them stay connected to your phone and work in concert in reliable ways.

Also, if you have an iPhone, AirPods interface directly with many of your phone’s features. You can use them to voice command Siri to control your phone while it’s in your pocket. If you’re out for a run and want to change your music, a few taps on the AirPods will move things along. Additionally, these work great for phone calls, with an excellent pair of microphones to pick up your voice.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Truly among the best-of-the-best, these Sony true wireless earbuds are incredible. They offer noise cancellation in a very small design, making them highly unique hardware. While the newest AirPods also offer this tech, that it’s on display here at a lower price point is well worth noting. Beyond that, their appearance is among the best of any true wireless earbuds on the market today.

Additionally, these earbuds sound great. That may be a moot point, given that this is Sony we’re talking about, but it bears repeating. No one gets audio reproduction perfection quite like Sony, except, maybe, Bose.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Coming in as the least expensive pair of earbuds on this list, the Cambridge Melomania 1 earbuds are a great value. With slick design, great overall quality, and a $100 price point, these are the value you’re looking for. If you’ve never used wireless earbuds before and want to step into the world, these are a great option for a newcomer.