Should You Buy a New Console or Wait for the Next Generation?


Now is a strange time to be a gamer. On the one hand, current events have made the prospect of leaving the house a bit daunting. As such, gaming is a better pastime than ever before. However, with new systems releasing later this year, you might be considering saving up to buy an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 instead.

So, if you don’t have a modern console, but you’re dying to play something new, should you wait? Or should you bite the bullet and see what the current console generation is all about? Here’s our tech-buying guide for modern game systems.

Should You Wait?

Maybe you’ve seen the trailers for the new games coming to PS5 and XBSX this November. Truth be told, the next generation looks impressive. However, it doesn’t represent the seismic shift in graphics and fidelity that the previous generation did. For that matter, the current generation wasn’t nearly the leap forward that the one before it was. That’s just the reality of the diminishing returns of 3D graphics.

So, the next generation will look better, sure, but what other reasons are there to buy in? At this stage, we know some games will be cross-platform. This means they’ll release on PS4 and Xbox One while also getting next-gen ports. Others will be exclusive to the next generation.

Playing Now

If you want to jump in and start playing right now, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like you’ll be throwing your money away if you buy an Xbox One or PS4 right now. The systems have sizable catalogues of excellent video games from the past seven years. Many of them are now available for heavily discounted prices. There’s a lot to get lost in with the current generation.

If you’re a power user who wants to always have the newest stuff, however, you might want to hold off for now. The next generation is sure to be here for years to come. While the upgraded versions of the Xbox One and PS4 offer 4K upscaling, the new systems will offer native 4K support.

Not to mention, the next generation of games will eventually be exclusive to the new systems. If you love being on the cutting edge but missed this past console generation, you might not want to buy in now. It’s a short wait for November when the new systems get their full releases. If you can be patient, you can get in on the ground floor of cutting-edge technology.