Saving Basics: How to Get the Best Discounts


It’s easy enough to find sales and discounts. However, finding the best deals on everything involves a bit of creativity. How can you look out for your wallet and look out for your taste in the finer things at the same time? Well, that’s easy: just practice these easy tips and you’ll be saving money with the best of them.

Buying Secondhand

There’s not a good reason to buy most things brand-new. Generally speaking, outside of things that are literally disposable or are hygienic products, you don’t need to buy anything brand-new. Electronics? Buy them secondhand from sites like eBay for a great discount. Cars? Buy them used; new cars a huge rip-off and will cost you way more than just getting a good-quality used car. Clothes? You know you should buy those secondhand.

The premium you end up paying for brand-new items just isn’t worth the benefits you get with them. More often than not, you’re paying a lot more just for the benefit of saying “ooh, look, I had this thing first.” Manufacturers know that people have a strong fear of missing out, so they market their newest products as something cutting-edge and amazing. Meanwhile, the products they released two years ago are still excellent and will serve you just fine at half the cost.

Haggling for the Best Price

There’s nothing wrong with asking for a discount on something. Deploying some expert haggling skills in the right situation can save you a decent bit of money, but you need to know when to break those skills out. For instance, you’re not going to have much success haggling with the cashier in a grocery store or at the mall.

The place to break out your haggling skills is when you’re buying items from secondhand sellers or from locally-owned shops when you’re getting specialty items that don’t have MSRPs listed. Hobbyists often use these skills when buying things like collectibles, cars, guitars, watches, and the like.

Patience and Flexibility

Coupons, sale nights, half-off specials; there are tons of opportunities to save some money on your favorite things. The trick is just staying patient and waiting for those savings to come along and being flexible enough to work with whatever coupons and discounts come your way.

It’s okay to keep it cheap when you’re hunting for the best deals. Just remember that beggars can’t be choosers, and be ready to be flexible with your purchasing when you’re looking for the best deals.