Save Big at Bath and Bodyworks with These Hot Tips

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There’s a 3-day grace period on coupons.

Yep, that’s right, you can use (slightly) expired coupons. Bath & Body Works lets you use coupons up to the days after the redemption date has passed. (You can also use them three days before an offer officially begins.) The best part? They also allow the use of coupons on sale items.

They sometimes try not to let their coupon overlap with their sales. But, with the grace period, you can sometimes still use these coupons during sales events.

Got a broken Wallflower plug-in? Exchange it.

No questions asked. The store will let you exchange your old Wallflower for a new one at any time.

Get lots of coupons.

If you love Bath & Body Works, you’ll want to reap all the savings you can. Get on both their email list and their snail mail list to get the most coupons. They may even send you a coupon for a free item – no purchase necessary!

To join their email list, use the form at the bottom of their website. Alternatively, you can give your email address to a store cashier. To get coupons in your physical mailbox, call customer service (1-800-756-5005) and request to be added. You can also get physical coupons by giving your phone number to a cashier.

Of course, your number needs to be associated with a utility or cable bill for them to get your address. Don’t expect instant gratification, it can sometimes take two to three months to get your first coupons in the mail.

Follow on social media.

Stay apprised of all special offers by following and liking Bath & Body Works on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Shop the Semi-Annual Sales (and Black Friday).

These sales happen twice a year in January and June. Save up to 90% on your favorite out of season products – sometimes even discontinued ones. On Black Friday, they’ll also let you do some serious coupon stacking.

Use coupons on sale items.

Try to overlap your coupons with a sale for the best savings. Don’t forget about the three-day grace period, too.

Look for the VIP Bag offers.

These are typically available for Black Friday, and sometimes around holidays like Mother’s Day. You can grab a bag for $20 with a $40 purchase. The contents are usually worth around $100, so it’s totally worth it even if you don’t like the scents. (Why? Because you can exchange them for ones you do like.)

There’s also no limit on how many VIP bags you can buy. Every $40 you spend will qualify you for another VIP bag. Even the $20 you spend on the bag itself will go towards the next $40.

Exchange things you dislike.

Any product that’s still more than half-full can be exchanged for one with a scent you like more. It’s part of their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.