Save a Ton by Making Your Own Yogurt

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If you love yogurt, you know it’s costly! You can make your own at home and save a ton of money without the need to buy any fancy equipment.

Not only will it save you money – but it also tastes better and you can customize the taste to exactly how you like it.

What You’ll Need

It’s not difficult to make at all and all you need is warmed milk, a yogurt culture and any additional ingredients you’d like you like. Head to your local grocery stores such as Price Chopper, Sprouts, Albertsons or Fry’s and pick up any fruits or granola you’d like to add.

You’ll also need to pick up a plain yogurt that has “live active cultures”, as well as, whole milk.

How to Make

Heat the milk to 180 degrees Fahrenheit in a heavy pot. Remove the milk from the heat and let the temperature drop to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. In a sperate bowl, combine about a ¼ cup of the live and active yogurt you picked up at the store with a small amount of the warmed milk.

Next, add that mixture into the pot of warmed milk and stir. Transfer the mixture to a jar and screw the lid on. Place the jar in a warm place such as next to a heating vent or in the oven with the light on.

Let the yogurt sit undisturbed for at least 10-12 hours. The longer it sits, the thicker and tangier it will become.

Once it is to the texture and taste you want, store in the refrigerator and mix in fruits or granola when you are ready to eat!

You’ll Save Money

Depending on how much yogurt you eat, you’ll save between $130 and $340 per year. If you purchase Organic yogurt, you’ll pay around $4.29 for a quart. Making your own, you’ll spend only about $1.65 per quart.

On your second batch, you won’t need to buy the live and active yogurt. Just save about a  ¼ cup from your first batch and you can use it instead.