Massive Deals on Wireless Earbuds, HD Projector, and More


There’s nothing quite like saving money on the best goodies from around the internet. It feels like you’re getting away with something when you snap up a great deal! Let’s take a look at some of the best deals you can find online today.

NexiGo Air T2 Ultra-Thin Wireless Earbuds

You might not be familiar with the brand name “NexiGo,” but you’re about to be! These very thin wireless earbuds are perfect for people who like their electronics slim and trim. If you need to squeeze a pair of wireless earbuds into your back pocket or just like packing light when you’re on the move, these are the earbuds for you.

You can throw these thin little earbuds into your wallet if you’re so inclined. For those who love traveling with a low profile, the NexiGo Air T2 earbuds are ideal. You can scoop them up on sale today over at Amazon for $10 off, bringing them to $70. Just remember to clip the coupon when you get to the page.

MegaWise Mini Projector

Speaking of traveling with a slim profile, here comes the MegaWise Mini Projector. This tiny little projector is perfect for people who like to be on the move. If you love carrying around your Nintendo Switch for mobile gaming, you might want to invest in a portable projector that can throw your image up on the wall for when you get a second to slow down.

This excellent, tiny projector is actually on sale for a great discount right now over at Amazon. You can pick this 1080p projector up for just $100 if you move fast! This is a great deal on a portable projector with built-in speakers and two HDMI ports!

Marvel’s Avengers Game

The PlayStation version of Marvel’s Avengers is discounted to $20 today over at Best Buy. The game was released a little under a year ago and has been supported after launch with numerous DLC packs that include new playable characters like Black Panther.

The game’s single-player mode received praise for crafting a fun story around young superhero Kamala Kahn, AKA Ms. Marvel. The storyline revolves around Kamala getting the Avengers back together to face off against a super-villainous threat from the evil AIM organization. The gameplay is fast-paced, action-heavy, and incredibly satisfying.

If you’ve ever wanted to zoom around the battlefield as Iron Man or crush evildoers as the Hulk, this is the game for you!