Is the Fourth Stimulus Check on the Way?


It’s been over eight months since the third stimulus check from the IRS hit bank accounts around the country. In the intervening time, the global medical situation has taken some odd turns. The reality, however, is that the world hasn’t changed much since March of 2020 when the first stimulus check was authorized by the president at the time, Donald Trump.

Under the Biden Administration, there hasn’t been much talk of a fourth stimulus check, though. So, what’s going on? When is the fourth stimulus check coming, and what’s taking so long?

Stimulus Checks Still Going Out—Just Not For Everyone

Believe it or not, there are actually still stimulus checks going out. For instance, the IRS’s third child tax credit is currently being distributed. Meanwhile, residents in California have received two stimulus checks from the state. Childless Americans who live outside of California, however, are out of luck.

At present, there doesn’t appear to be any movement in Congress on a fourth check. After the third check arrived and the economy seemed to be turning around, legislators turned their attention to the issue of the gargantuan infrastructure bill that Joe Biden brought to the table. That infrastructure bill is being sold as Biden’s trademark piece of legislation.

Infrastructure Bill Gobbling Up Floor Time

Even if Democrats in Congress wanted to push for the passage of a fourth stimulus check, there just doesn’t seem to be time. The party is currently wrangling with their counterparts across the aisle to get the Biden infrastructure bill on the floor to even discuss it.

Republicans, in general, seem to be running their playbook from the Obama era: block everything. Biden’s agenda is a nonstarter across the board for Republicans, many of whom argue that the president’s bill is pointless spending and would bankrupt the country.

Direct Relief in the Future

Despite widespread support among Americans for ongoing direct relief checks, Congress doesn’t seem to even be considering a fourth stimulus, let alone recurring direct checks. As 2021 becomes 2022 and Congress continues to wrestle with the infrastructure bill, it’s unclear if a fourth check will ever actually materialize.

However, some pundits argue that a fourth check could be extremely helpful for Democrats going into the 2022 midterm elections. A third of the Senate and every Representative in the House comes up for reelection every two years, meaning that Democrats could wish to foster goodwill among the US’s voting-age population by authorizing another check sometime before election day in 2022.