Has the Xbox One X Been Discontinued?

Rumors are flying that the Xbox One X model of Microsoft’s home console has been discontinued. This news comes a few months ahead of the expected launch of the system’s successor, the Xbox Series X.

This confusing naming standard might have something to do with the discontinuation. The base Xbox One, without the X, is a 1080p capable home system. The Xbox One X, however, is a system that offers native 4K gameplay and beefier processing power.

Rumors Fuel Reports

The rumors of its discontinuation come via PressStart and Reddit. A Reddit poster who claims to work at Target stated that the system was listed as “discontinued” in the official SKUs. These listings within Target’s own database would suggest that Microsoft is moving to pull the system from shelves ahead of the Holiday 2020 season.

The PressStart report compiles similar stories from Australian retailers EB Games and JB Hi-Fi. Employees at the Australian retailers noted that the One X has been removed from their systems, and customers are being directed toward either the One S or the upcoming Series X.

What’s Going On?

The myriad reports of the discontinuation of the One X are confounding for game insiders. Typically speaking, console manufacturers support older platforms for at least a year or two after the release of their beefier counterparts. It’s possible that Microsoft is clearing the One X from the shelves in order to prevent confusion over the system’s name.

The Xbox One X is currently the only Xbox system that can handle 4K gaming. The Series X, an entirely new generation of hardware, can do the same. One can imagine the confusion at retailers during a chaotic holiday season. Clerks trying to help parents find out-of-stock Xboxes for their kids could end up sending them home with the wrong system easily.

Other Speculation

Other proposed theories go in a different direction. It’s possible the One X isn’t discontinued at all, just facing COVID-related stock shortages. Something similar happened to the Nintendo Switch right after the US lockdown started. However, the Xbox One hasn’t been selling the kind of units that would lead to a stock wipeout and production shortages.

Yet another guess is that the system is being done away with to funnel customers to the Series X. This slightly conspiratorial take holds that gamers looking for a 4K Xbox will need to spring for the new generation of systems, not rely on an older model. However, Microsoft has not confirmed any of this speculation.