Daily Savings: Soundbars, Hard Drives, and More


It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to get started on your resolution of saving more money when you’re shopping online. We’ve got the best deals from around the web, so you don’t need to scour your favorite retailers for savings. Today, we’ve got everything from high-end soundbars to massive hard drives. Let’s save some money!

Saiyin Soundbar

Did you get a large flatscreen 4K TV for Christmas? If so, it’s time to give it the sound quality it deserves. You can pick up a Saiyin Soundbar on sale from Amazon today for just $65 when you clip the coupon. This soundbar offers you sweeping, cinematic sound quality, bringing your shows and movies to life.

No one likes turning their TV speakers up and straining to hear dialogue during intense scenes. The Saiyin Soundbar offers booming bass and robust surround sound for an affordable price. With this audio bar under your TV, you’ll have an impressive home theater!

5TB Hard Drive

Are you sick of running out of storage space for your photos and games? It’s time to upgrade to a 5TB hard drive. What do you need all that space for? Well, that’s up to you to decide! You might manage to cram an entire Call of Duty game on there if you’re lucky!

Jokes aside, the WB 5TB My Passport hard drive is on sale today at Amazon for just $115. That’s $35 off its retail price and a downright steal for this much storage. You can keep thousands of hours of music, hundreds of movies, and dozens of AAA games on a 5TB hard drive!

Amazon Echo Dot

Do you hate using your phone to check the weather in the morning? Are you sick of your house not listening to you when you yell instructions at it? You can fix that today with an Amazon Echo Dot device. Echo devices come equipped with Amazon’s customized Alexa virtual assistant. Alexa answers spoken commands and can do everything from unlocking your front door with smart locks to changing the lighting in your living room with wi-fi-enabled bulbs.

You can get a fourth-generation Echo Dot on sale from Amazon today for only $30. These high-tech speakers start at $50, making this a $20 savings for lucky shoppers. You can use the speaker as a smart home hub—or as a handy speaker when you tell Alexa to play your favorite playlist.