Daily Savings: Humidifiers, Space Heaters, and Air Purifiers


Winter is harsh on people’s skin and health. The air is frigid and dry, and it seems like you can never quite get your house comfortable when it’s cold out. With the right gadgets, however, you can make your home cozy even in the nastiest weather! Today we’re looking at deals on everything from humidifiers to space heaters.

Levoit 6L Humidifier

Dry air is terrible for your lungs and throat. If you dread the winter months because dry air gives you coughing fits and post-nasal drip, you need a humidifier. Setting a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep can take your winter nights from miserable to comfortable literally overnight. You don’t need to look far for a good deal on a humidifier, either!

The Levoit six-liter capacity humidifier is on sale for just $76 today from Amazon. This high-tech humidifier is full of advanced features, like a humidity sensor and timers to set up the exact room coverage you need. Its large capacity means you don’t need to fill it up constantly, allowing you to fill it once every few weeks and enjoy comfortable air for the rest of the time.

The Levoit humidifier even sports a remote controller, allowing you to activate it from across the room while you’re lying down for bed. You can even use it for vaporizing or diffusing if you’re a fan of essential oils!

Vorando Personal Space Heater

Sometimes your home’s central heating isn’t enough to warm you up. Other times, you might work in an office building that keeps things cold in the winter. Either way, you’re going to need a personal space heater to warm you up. You can get a great deal on a cozy heater right now through Amazon.

The Vorando Personal Space Heater is on sale for just $30, which is $10 off its retail price. This device is gentle, quiet, and comfortable. It’s a perfect fit for smaller apartments or offices due to its whisper-quiet heating.

Smartmi Air Purifier

Seasonal allergies can make the cold months miserable. Clean up the air around you with an air purifier! You can snag a great deal on a Smartmi Air Purifier now if you go to Amazon. The online retailer has this high-end smart device on sale for just $135.

You can connect the Smartmi device to your home hub, allowing you to control it through Google Assistant or Siri. If you want, you can even schedule it to operate during certain times of day! That way, you know your space will have clean air before you even arrive.