Daily Savings: Apple AirPods Max, Bluetooth Tags, and More


When you’re on the lookout for the best sales, it’s always better with an extra set of eyes looking for deals. That’s what we’re here for! Today we’re pointing you in the direction of some great savings on Apple AirPods Max, FOBO Bluetooth Tags, and more!

AirPods Max

The only reasonable complaint that an audiophile could make against the AirPods Max is that they’re expensive. There’s no denying that when the super-premium headphones were introduced at $549, many enthusiasts were a bit hesitant to drop so much money on a single piece of audio equipment.

Recent price cuts have helped out considerably, however. You can scoop up a pair of these excellent wireless headphones from Amazon right now for $100 off, bringing them down to just $449. This deal is available in three colors: silver, pink, and green. The AirPods Max sport active noise canceling, great sound quality, and a premium feel that makes them luxurious to wear.

They’re also pretty comfortable thanks to the cushy, satisfying padding around the speakers. Grab this deal before it’s gone!

FOBO Bluetooth Tags

Losing your keys, TV remote, or portable game console can be a uniquely frustrating experience. The age-old “it’s in the house somewhere” mantra doesn’t help when you don’t know where in the house it is. That’s where these Bluetooth tags from FOBO can come in handy.

Just place the tag on the item you’d like to no longer lose. Then, as long as the tag is within range of a receiver, you can ping it via Bluetooth to have it inform you of its location. You can get one of these tags on sale from StackSocial right now for just $29, a 17% discount from its usual list price.

Mario Party Superstars

The newest Mario Party game hasn’t even come out yet and there are already deals available for it. You can pre-order the game for $49 from Daily Steals if you use a promo code: ADSMARIO. The newest entry in the series isn’t all that new: it’s a series of visually updated boards and minigames from previous entries in the franchise.

The game is perfect for playing at parties as the name suggests. Players compete in a board game to try to amass the most Super Stars. The fast-paced minigames that punctuate each turn keep things interesting, and players of all skill levels can find something to love in the game’s over-the-top antics.