Best Deals of the Week: Animal Crossing and PC Accessories


It’s that time again: time for a deals roundup! This week, we’re focusing on the fun stuff. Animal Crossing, Razer peripherals and more are at the top of our sales roundup this week. Let’s take a look at the best deals you can find on video games, electronics and software right now.

Animal Crossing

If you’re willing to brave the wild world and enter your local Walmart, you might be in for a treat. Should they have a copy of Animal Crossing on hand, you’ll find it’s on sale for a great discount. Right now, Animal Crossing is available from Walmart for a ten-dollar discount, bringing it down to $50. Of course, if you don’t feel like dealing with crowds, low stock and disinterested electronics associates, you could buy the game from their website.

Animal Crossing is a delightful life-simulator game where you live on a deserted island with a bunch of your animal pals. It’s cute, slow-paced and limitlessly charming. Needless to say, it’s the perfect game for the chaotic storm that has been 2020.

Razer Black Widow Elite

Razer’s Black Widow Elite gaming keyboard is among the best gaming keyboards on the market. Between its sleek and stylish design, excellent actuation and precise reading of keystrokes, this is a serious gamer’s dream. The ergonomic wrist-rest is a great touch, as is the RGB lighting that you can customize to your heart’s content.

Right now, the stellar Black Widow Elite is on sale for $100 at Best Buy. If you’ve been holding off on buying a new keyboard, now is the time. You won’t find a better deal for your money.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

If you don’t mind buying games digitally, there is a great sale happening on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now. One of the highlights: Luigi’s Mansion 3 is currently 30% off. That brings it down to just over $40, a huge discount for a first-party Nintendo game. If you’re looking for a fun, wacky adventure game, look no further. This game is truly exceptional.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Itching to break in that new 4K TV? We understand! If you’re really looking to crank up the looks on your new screen, you’ll need a 4K playback device. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale for a surprising $35 right now through Amazon’s website. This is one of the best deals you’ll get on a 4K streaming device, so scoop yours up now and enjoy the upgraded picture quality.