8+ Ways to Earn Money Back on Your Regular Purchases


1.  Use IbottaSavingStar and/or Checkout51 when you go grocery shopping.

Snap quick photos of your receipts and get cash back with these easy to use phone apps. Some will even link up to loyalty cards you’re already using and save you the trouble of scanning receipts.

2. Download BevRAGE and get paid a few bucks back on alcohol purchases.
Similarly to the apps mentioned above, just choose an applicable offer and snap a shot of your receipt.

3. Get automatic price adjustments with Paribus.
Simply let paribus access your email to track online receipts. Anytime a price drops on something you’ve bought, the app will automatically email the retailer for a price adjustment. It also monitors for late shipments.

So, if that Amazon Prime order is late, Paribus will make sure you get something to make up for it. (Don’t worry, Paribus is owned by Capital One, which means it’s subject to strict privacy restrictions.)

4. Pay with Seashells.
No, not literal sea shells… Shop in-store or online at one of the many participating stores and use a digital gift card at checkout. Their site explains how easy it is to use.

5. Use a credit card with a rewards program.
You’ll have to do a bit of research to find the best card for you. Lots of cards give cashback bonuses, and with others you can earn airline miles. Just use your rewards credit card for purchases and then pay it off every month.

6. Shop through online loyalty malls.
Sites like swagbucksebatesTopCashback and Plenti let you earn cash back when you shop through their links. Many airlines also have online shopping sites that let you earn frequent flyer miles.

For example, Southwest has Rapid Rewards Shopping and American Airlines has the AAdvantage eShopping Mall.

7. Sign up for a program with local dining rewards.
This includes programs like American Airline’s AAdvantage Dining program or Plenti’s local dining program. The downside? You typically can’t use multiple dining programs at the same time.

If your credit card is already linked to one dining program, many sites won’t let you link it again. (In other words, they don’t stack.)

8. Share your shopping history with ShopTracker and Digital Reflection Panel. Both of these market research panels will pay you to see your shopping history.